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2019 FutureXO 

Inaugural Conference

The Good. The Bad. 
The Probability.
Will you live to 120 or 150 years old? Yes, and probably yes. If you could remove Alzheimer's from your DNA, would you? Most of us say yes, and then quickly ask, "Is that really possible?" If you could enhance your brain or upload your mind to the Cloud to achieve immortality, would you? Learn about the innovations driving these questions and what they could mean to your quality of life. Learn how science and technology are quickly transforming our idea of lifespan into the new term healthspan. FutureXO is bringing together expert innovators, ethicists, and economists to discuss where we are today and brainstorm where we're headed 10 and 20 years from now.
We'll have plenty of Q&A and breakout sessions to help you deepen your understanding.
September 21
10am - 5:30pm

Mark Taper Auditorium

Los Angeles Central Library

630 W 5th St

Los Angeles, CA 90071

Parking Entrance

524 S Flower St,

Los Angeles, CA 90071

Studio City Public Library
12511 Moorpark St, Studio City, CA 91604

Must register to attend. Seating is first come, first serve.

We're curious!

you could pay $1000 to remove Alzheimer's from your DNA,


would you?



Rajeev Ronanki
Chief Digital Officer, Anthem
AI & Data Leader

Raj Ronanki will explain how Artificial Intelligence, fueled by data, is already revolutionizing healthcare. Learn how AI now outperforms a physician's ability to correctly diagnosis when reading patients' scans. He'll share his vision of a future where you, the patient, are in control of your own health data, who you share it with, and what it is used for. AI + data are producing better outcomes that are elemental to making a long healthspan a reality.

Sergey Young
Founder, Longevity Vision Fund
Venture Capitalist

Sergey Young is optimistic about the future and the discoveries driving the new idea of healthspan. So much so, that he has developed the 100 Million Dollar XPRIZE Longevity Vision Fund. He'll take us through the 7 signs that the Longevity Revolution is here and now.


Sergey's mantra is,"I intend to live forever."

Dr. David Karow
President, Human Longevity, Inc
Healthcare Innovator

Dr. Karow wants you to stay healthy by nipping in the bud any possible health issues.To accomplish this he has developed a holistic health management program where machine based Imaging is combined with genetic, and clinical information giving patients  and doctors a more insightful health assessment and diagnosis.  

Jamie Metzl
Futurist, Biotech Expert
Author, Hacking Darwin

This year Jamie Metzl is on the World Health Organization's committee focused to developing the global standards for governance and oversight of human genome editing. This unique view allows him to share possible scenarios that we'll face; from customizing our kid's height, IQ, and abilities; to IVF and embryo selection allowing parents to radically reduce the risk of disease.

Dr. Divya Chander
Brain Augmentation Innovator

If editing DNA in all living things points directly to a long disease-free lifespan, then will immortality be the next giant leap for mankind? Dr. Chander will take us on a tour of the latest in neuroscientists' capacity to augment human brains and source our consciousness. She'll explore how connecting our minds to a computational or larger human network could manifest a transhuman world. (Wait, what?)


We're curious!

you could get paid to share your personal health data,

would you?

The Good. The Bad. 
The Probability.
MORNING | 10 am - 12:40 pm







Doors Open


Sergey Young

Jamie Metzl

Dr. Dyvia Chander

Jamie & Dyvia

Registration Check In

Longevity Revolution

Hacking Darwin

Hacking Your Brain

The Good. The Bad.

Curious World

LUNCH | 12:40 pm - 1:40 pm


Lunch & Table Talk Part 1

AFTERNOON | 1:40 pm - 3:30 pm







Welcome Back!

Rajeev Ronanki

Dr. David Karow

Table Talk PT. 2

Metzl & Guest

What's next?

Future @The Library

Putting Your Data to Work

A New Day in Health Care

Facilitated Groups

Purposeful Living

Table Talk Results & Next Topic

MIXER | 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm



Book Signing


Hacking Darwin


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We're curious!

you could design your baby to be an exceptional athelete,

would you?


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